What future can you create with the choice you make today?


Celebrate World Happiness Day!


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If you make the choice for happiness and play to get out of the YUCK when you are STUCK, the problems will start to dissipate and change. The better relationships, happier body, joy, money, and more will follow!

What is it you can choose today that will bring you happiness right away?


Access Consciousness allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

We have thousands of classes and events on every topic imaginable in more than 170 countries with over 3,000 facilitators around the world! What are you looking for?

There are two things that will change anything in your life, choice and Access Bars. Discover the simple body process that is changing the world.

Just Released! The Baby Dragon Manifesto

“You, baby dragon, truly being you – sparks, fire, flame and all – is the change, the difference, the possibility, and the gift this world requires.”

In a world that so often demands perfection and conformity, Dr. Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin offer a simple yet profound message to young children … and their caregivers: your difference is your gift, and your wrongness is a strongness.



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