Conscious Parents Conscious Kids with Brendon Watt

Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids is about empowering your kids to be them. 
It's not about making them choose to be who you've decided they should be but allowing them to be who they are.  It's about showing your kids what their choices create so that they have the awareness of what's true for them
Brendon Watt

The whole area of parenting can be very challenging for parents and kids. It doesn't have to be. But most people make it that way. The expectations of how you are supposed to be as a parent, the conclusions about what it means to be a good parent, what a good parent does, what a bad parent does, what a good parent doesn't do... you get the idea. No wonder so many parents and kids are not having any fun!

If you are trying to be a good parent, if you are trying to get it right, would you be willing to give that up? What if you were willing to do it wrong? What if you stopped judging you and your kids?




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